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Friday, February 4, 2011

Gratitude Post #3 - Faith

As I sit at work, late on a Friday night, I have tried to be as productive as possible, but with a failing computer drive, I am unable to access my documents. So, blogging is the next best thing. I have really come to enjoy blogging. This has become our outlet, personal journal, and family "Christmas Card" of sorts. In fact, next year we'll put the address on the Christmas Card so that people will be able to follow us at their leisure... 

Anyway, as I sat here, I thought that another gratitude post was overdue. So voilà!

Many blogs (and mine probably included) share the good. Always the good, and never the bad or the ugly. But the truth is, there is bad and there is ugly. 

This week I read a friend's post about a very challenging hardship in her life--one where I just want to reach through the computer and give her a hug. In her previous posts--months and months of posting--she had only dwelt on the positive. (My thought is that perhaps posting about the good is our way of keeping the glass half-full, looking at the blessings in life rather than the challenges, but you never know.)

In her post she dwelt on knowledge of Heavenly Father's Plan. She--in very few words--bore a strong witness of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and left me with a distinct impression of peace. It was wonderful. 

As I thought about her words, I realized yet again that I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Where else can we find peace when the bad and the ugly challenge us? I am grateful for the knowledge that our existence is full of purpose and that family is quintessential to helping us achieve that purpose. 

So, while there is a happy-go-lucky feel to what many people blog about, I hope that when the bad and the ugly challenge us, that we can turn to the peace that the Gospel brings. 


Our Family

Our Family
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