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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pain is Beauty - Help!

This past Friday, my beloved black-buckle, BCBG flats died. The sole came right off. So, thus began the arduous task of finding a replacement.

Problem: crunch time. Wednesday is the Career Fair, and I didn't have a lot of time to look around.

Result: totally in love with my new flats...

Dilemma: the right shoe is a little tight.

So, ladies and gentleman (or should I say ladies and most likely ladies), anyone have any good advice on trying to stretch leather (without damaging it)? Any advice would be most appreciated.


Marta Becerril said...

I heard (but not tried it) that you can put them in the freezer for some hours. Then you put them on, and they will expand a little to fit your feet better. I don't know whether it works but I don't think it'd damage them either.

Jesse Gunther said...

3 options:
Fill a zip lock bag with water and stuff it in the shoes. Put the shoes in the freezer. As the ice expands the leather will as well.

You can buy leather stretcher oil, put it on the inside of the shoes and walk around your house in them.

Alternatively, put them on with very thick socks and wear them around your house. It sounds silly, but it will definitely work.

Anyway - love your blog and cute shoes!

Adi said...

I am amazed at how much use you get out of your black flats! ;)

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