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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Take Out the Papers and the Trash

Yesterday morning, this little girl thought she should help with a few chores. So she started with the trash in the bathroom.

And since she faces a constant temptation to climb on everything, she couldn't help but try her luck with climbing on the waste basket.

She almost did it, too.

Now if we could just get her to take the trash out to the dumpster instead of just taking it out of the basket...(luckily, this basket doesn't ever have any trash in it).


Parrish Family said...

I like the second picture. Her face and her little hand holding tight on the trash can is so cute. I can tell she is not going to give that up easily! :) My 1 1/2 likes to pull little, tiny pieces of toilet paper of the roll and drop them around the house. It is lot's of fun!!! lol

Our Family

Our Family
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