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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Month 10

Wow. Where to even start with our little girl at 10 months old? She's walking (more like trying to run), building her vocabulary (besides "Tiki" - the stupid cat who influenced Adi to say her name before either of ours - she says and knows "Whoa", "Mama", "Dada", and "Gigi" which is what she calls herself), climbing up on everything she can (even other kids - oops), and getting into everything imaginable. She gives hugs and "loves" to her toys, parents, grandparents, cousins, and well just about everyone. She points to things she likes, waves goodbye, likes to throw and chase balls, and loves to drum and dance to music. She is a busy little girl, never content just to sit around, and keeps us running but brings us a lot of happiness.

Here she is with Tiki, the stupid cat whose name was uttered by our child before Mama or Dada. I still expect free babysitting or diaper changes every once in a while from this feline. It's only fair, right?

December has been especially fun for us. We started prepping her for her first birthday with Dada's cake. We worked on blowing out the candles, but so far she just does a little whistle thing that she also does when she's excited.

She does, however, know exactly what to do with the cake.

This little girl stops at nothing to get what she wants. Even if it means climbing up on a box and onto the coffee table to reach the carefully placed nativity that is just out of reach, or tackling a cousin to get back a toy. It's good to see she's got some spunk and drive, even if it does cause problems for us.

Funny story: I picked up Kenz one day, which also happened to be the day of her office lunch party. Kenz had taken funeral potatoes, which she left in the back seat next to Adi on the ride home. Well, Adi had been fussy and then became quiet. We just assumed that she had fallen asleep until we got out to find that she had taken the serving spoon from the potatoes and was treating herself to a delicious snack.

Funny girl.

She is our little companion and goes everywhere with us.

She was even a good sport to brave early-morning Black Friday shopping. Speaking of shopping, we may have created a monster:

Albeit a cute, well-dressed, little monster.

December has been especially fun for her, helping prepare for and enjoying holiday festivities.

Helping put up and decorate the tree:

Helping with lights.

First Advent Calendar.

She loves the chocolate.

She has been fascinated with the snow, but wasn't so sure about tasting it (and no, she did not try any yellow snow).

And Christmas trees are a favorite. Let's just say the bottom ornaments on our tree are those she cannot break.

Real trees!

And here she is checking to see if Santa is watching before snatching an ornament at a Christmas party:

I guess Santa can't always be watching, but we may send these pictures along as evidence of some naughty tendencies. We love our little girl!


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Our Family
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