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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TSA Traveling

I'll keep it to a few brief points:

1. I enjoy making TSA the new scapegoat for anything that could go wrong with well, anything. For example, I could easily blame TSA for giving me a body image complex with their disfiguring naked body scans. TSA is the reason the economy has not recovered, can be blamed for some type of involvement (or lack of involvement - why weren't these guys created before?) in 9/11, and probably linked somehow to the JFK assassination. See how easy this is?

2. If I were to protest TSA's policies, I would not do so by contradicting my argument. Let me explain. You've probably heard about or seen the speedo protester. Yeah, protesting TSA's naked body scan of you by removing your clothes so that all can see you pretty much naked really defeats the argument of privacy. If you're taking your clothes off in public, some TSA officer behind the scanner image shouldn't bother you much.

If privacy is what you're worried about, I would try a more non-exhibitionist approach such as these new anti-TSA underwear. But this is for sure going to land you in the pat-down zone.

3. In all seriousness, new technologies not using x-rays could be considered to do the same job. Check out this possibility that uses radio waves. Why does the wave difference matter? Well, in breaking chemical bonds (such as those present in our DNA), or causing an electron to move from a lower orbital to a higher orbital, it is the energy of the wave that matters, not how much. X-rays are higher in energy, have higher frequencies and longer wavelengths than radio waves do. It's the energy of a photon that causes the jump, so check out the image below and take note of energies in the electromagnetic spectrum.

4. I honestly don't think TSA officers are all perverts, but I also don't think they're all the brightest bulbs in the box in the way they are dealing with sensitive situations.

That said, TSA was much better to work with than the front desk guy at Delta who freaked out and caused a scene when I went under the little ribbon thing to get in line with Kenz. First, there was no line behind her, so I wasn't cutting. Second, I didn't cause any damage to the ribbon thing. Third, he freaked out about it enough for the other Delta employees and other witnessing passengers to take my side. One of the passengers actually approached me after TSA screening and offered a few sympathetic words. And fourth, I already had my boarding passes and so I was not going to create any more work for anyone.

But that said, when he offered to let me pass (after being reprimanded by a coworker) I declined. That really made him mad. I really should have been more mature and graciously accepted, but I didn't. I also told him he was freaking out about something inconsequential when he came over to confront me about my illicit act of underpassing the ribbon thing.

I really seem to have bad luck flying Delta.


Laura said...

This is fantastic. Love it!

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