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Monday, November 29, 2010


I recently heard about a tragic suicide in which the person ran and jumped 4 stories to their death. This incident has bothered me on several different levels: the fact that someone felt alone and depressed enough to act out so desperately to end their life, someone found the body and will live their life haunted by that image, the devastation this must have caused the family, and the fact that this incident was in a place public enough to have been caught on tape and people have had to watch the tape to corroborate the suicide. Thinking about it all makes me literally sick to my stomach.

So why write about it? Well, it has caused me to ponder a lot on this question: Do you ever wonder or worry about strangers? Not in a stranger danger sense, but wonder about the welfare and background of people you happen to see, have never met, and may never see again?

I often will see someone and wonder what their life is like, based on perception. For example, it makes me sad to see someone eating alone at a restaurant. I wonder if it's by choice, or if it even bothers them. I then wonder if it's by choice that they're alone, what influenced that choice. Then I go into wost-case scenarios in which they are eating alone, feeling alone. It's all a terrible cycle until I eventually try to offer a smile or friendly gesture, or leave imagining their tragic life.

There has been a lot of talk in the news recently about cyber bullying, and bullying in general. I'm sure at one point or another all of us will have or have had experience with some type of bullying, but I pray that none so extreme as what some kids or people suffer. How tragic it is that some people choose to disregard the well-being of others despite their inner conscience that must be telling them to worry for their welfare.

I at one time was bothered with minor bullying. In fact, this person still tries to make fun whenever I see him (which is not often). Thankfully, I am comfortable enough in my own skin at this point that instead if feeling bad for myself, I pity him for his innate need to try to put others down to bring himself up.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for some who desperately hope for their escape only in ending their life. Could I make a difference in changing that hope for death to hope in life? I hope so.

Imagine the difference a smile could have made in the life of the person who chose to fall to their mortal end. Are we aware? Do we care?


Shan said...

I have a friend whose husband recently took his life. I don't know all the details but I know he was dealing with some depression and chemical imbalances. Sometimes that stuff alone can cause people to do wacko things. I think it is great you are concerned about people!

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