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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smokers and Teenagers

It seems that smokers at the bus stop have been oblivious to the fact that others around them might not smoke and do not care to smell or inhale their second-hand smoke. I can't believe some of these people who go where everyone else is standing and think they can light up around everyone else just because they're outside.

The other day, from where I was standing I could inhale the second-hand smoke from all of these people's cigarettes.

This guy in the yellow hoodie may have thought he was being sneaky, but all of the smoke just filters right into the covered waiting area and gets stuck.

The guy in the backpack, the guy sitting on the curb.

This guy was the most considerate and so technically, I wouldn't group him in with the others.

I have nothing against smokers, but I don't like the smoke and I would hope for a little courtesy to strangers.

Teenagers can act dumb sometimes. I don't exclude myself from any prior stupidity.

There's one peeking in at the train driver (which he did for a couple of stops). The other is throwing a backpack, and I'm just glad the kid didn't hit anyone on the train with it.


VonTana said...

it doesn't matter if you are pregnant or carrying a baby. They are OBLIVIOUS! One of my biggest pet peeves in life. Oh, I was at the Phoenix airport a few weeks ago, and two smokers were standing under a sign that said no smoking! I said, "seriously guys, you are right under a no smoking sign". They began to argue, then they realized I was right! OBLIVIOUS!

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